Why do people phone your dental office?

What is the number one reason that has people you don’t know, as well as patients of record, picking up their phones and calling your dental office?

Let’s get one thing straight…

Let’s make one thing very clear here…. people out there do not pick up their phones and start calling random dental practices because they have a spare half hour to kill…

That simply is not in the equation.

When it comes to having spare time, and using that time productively, everybody out there can find something much better to do than to phone a dental practice.

Of course they can.

So when the dental office phone rings…

So when that phone starts ringing at the dental office, you can rest assured, that the person calling is doing so for one reason and one reason only.

And that reason is this:

The caller on the phone has a dental problem, and they have phoned your office because they want your dentist to fix their problem.


The caller has already decided, by looking at your website, and by talking to other people they trust, , that they want your dentist to fix their problem.

The caller has already made that decision before they start dialling.

Our job when the phone rings is to solve the problem the caller tells us they have…

And usually, the solution to their problem is an appointment with our dentist, as soon as practicable.

The caller has a dental issue.

We need to get them in to see our dentist.

That’s why they have phoned.

You’d be surprised…

We listen to recordings of real conversations happening on dental practice phones.

You’d be surprised at what we hear on the phones of even some of the “supposed” successful practices…. every phone call that does not make an appointment is really an opportunity wasted by that dental practice to serve another person in need…

Our job is to give the caller hope

And that hope is that they have called the right place, and that our dentist will be able to solve their problem.

Our job is not to bombard the caller with excessive information.

Our job is to find the caller an appointment, and let them know that if we get a change to our schedule, we will be calling them and bringing their appointment forward.

Their concern is important to them. That’s why they have phoned us.

We want the caller to understand that we have heard them.

And to be assured and confident that we are on their side.


Dr. David Moffet BDS FPFA CSP is a certified CX Experience coach. David works with his wife Jayne Bandy to help SME businesses improve their Customer Service Systems to create memorable World Class experiences for their valued clients and customers. Click here to find out how David and Jayne can help your business