“I was thrown in the deep end but it’s all good. I am still swimming.”

I heard this recently from a young girl working in the front office of a dental practice.

It got me thinking.

Is this happening unintentionally in many other dental offices?

Is your team swimming or are they starting to go under the water?

One of the best ways to ensure your team are not going under the water is to make sure they have the skills they need to survive in a Dental Office.

Just like Dentists, Dental Teams need skills and education if they are to do their very best.

Teaching your team the skills they need to do their job well should be one of your highest priorities. The skills your team have directly affects your business and the care you offer your patients.

Before I start any Team Training I always ask each person on the team to list the 5 areas they need help with.

By asking this question to each person on the team I start them thinking about what they are good at right now and what they struggle with in their job working in a Dental Office.

I am always amazed at how honest they are in their responses.

To be able to convert a New Patient Call to an appointment that is then kept is always a challenge for many teams.

How to prevent and handle the cancellation call is also a struggle.

Teams want to know what to say and ask.

A lot of the time the call is over within a few seconds, even before they find out what the caller’s dental issue is.

A big issue for many teams is how to make sure all the patients have a next appointment. They feel the pressure and responsibility to make the appointment, but then do not understand why the patient makes no appointment.

Knowing what you struggle with is an important first step in becoming better.

The next step is to work out what to do, to overcome your difficulty and then take action and make changes.

This is when improvement can be tracked and measured to see results both personally and professionally.

This is training in a nutshell.

Along the way, the self-worth of the team also improves and you know how powerful that is for the people in your business as well as for your business.

It is amazing to see teams be transformed from not believing they can do it, to actually doing it.

Once teams have the skills they need to do their very best, they will be able to swim a marathon!


Jayne Bandy is a certified CX Experience coach.
Jayne works with her husband Dr. David Moffet to help SME businesses improve their Customer Service Systems to create memorable World Class experiences for their valued clients and customers. Click here to find out how Jayne and David can help your business