Isn’t it funny how in life, the cream always rises to the top?

How like attracts like?

Do you ever wonder why that is?

Here’s a couple of interesting stories….

Story Number 1.

My wife Jayne has finally decided that it’s now become too difficult and too inconvenient to trek up to Sydney every five to six weeks to visit her hairdresser. And so, with much reluctance, she’s chosen a new hairdresser to attend to her needs down here in The Highlands. [For those who don’t know, Jayne and I sold our Sydney home three years ago and moved (then) to live permanently at our country home in The Highlands, some two hours drive out of Sydney.]

Jayne asked around some of her friends, and chose a salon locally that was owned by a young twenty-two year old hairdresser who travelled up an hour’s drive each way every day from another regional country town.

Anyway, just after Jayne’s first visit to this new hairdresser, our state of New South Wales was plunged into what ended up being a four-month COVID-19 lockdown, which meant a couple of things:

Firstly, no haircuts or hairdressers. Haircuts were not considered an essential service during COVID lockdowns.

And secondly, no non-essential travel outside of your Local Government Area.

Anyway, fast forward to last week and NSW has just now emerged from lockdown, and the residents of NSW can [legally] attend to their hairstyling needs and requirements…

So Jayne visited her stylist, and asked her what she did during her imposed isolation, to which she answered:

“I bought another salon.”

In her home town.

At the age of twenty-two….

Jayne and her hairdresser discussed all the marketing that the young hairdresser had engaged in, keeping in touch with her clients during the lockdown, while not being allowed to physically attend to their hair.

And Jayne was amazed at all the little things that her stylist had been doing, in a behind the scenes business sense.

When Jayne asked her how she came up with all of these wonderful business ideas, the stylist answered simply:

“I have a coach.”

Story Number 2.

Jayne and I are about to do a few renovations around our home, which means that we’re going to be needing to relocate ourselves, and some furniture, during these times.

So we called a local removals firm, who we had used when we originally purchased our Highlands home, and who we used again when it was time three years ago to vacate our Sydney home and to move down here full time.

As we were showing Adam [from the removals firm] some of the furniture that we needed him to move, he happened to glance at a chart on a wall in my study, and asked:

“What’s this chart here saying ‘Six-Week Cycle’?”

[Actually, Adam spotted the top of the chart poking up on a wall in my study that was behind an open door… Adam was simply walking by along a hallway.… talk about powers of observation and attention to detail!]

I told Adam that the Six-Week Cycle was a program I was doing with my coach, Taki Moore, and Adam shared that his removal firm, had their own coach, in New Zealand, who was also a client of Taki. [Taki is the coach’s coach!]

And when Adam told me this, well it kind of joined the dots for me….

The reason we had hired and re-hired Adam’s firm for removals, and for storing furniture too, was simply because they provided exceptional customer care and customer service whenever we dealt with his company.

And I guess, this great service they provided may not have initially been as a result of using a coach, but for sure and certain, using a coach has kept his firm ON TOP OF THEIR GAME, especially when it comes to providing a consistent five-star experience for their customers.

So you’ve got to ask yourself this question…

If a twenty-two year old small town hairdresser has a business coach, and a regionally based furniture removals business has a business coach, why don’t you have a business coach?

What a business coach does is they act as a sounding board for ideas and thoughts that you as the business owner might have about certain aspects of your business.

Because a coach is a sage. A good coach knows their industry, and they know what’s working out there in the big wide world, and they also know and have seen what’s not working.

A good coach will keep a business owner IN THEIR LANE, and keep them focused on the end result, their destination, and help them reach that destination with minimal distractions, and minimal detours and dare I say it, minimal disasters.

But don’t take my word for it…

Roger Federer has a coach. He has several coaches.

Tiger Woods had several coaches.

Most sporting teams, from Under-6’s right up to professional organisations, have at least one coach.

As I said at the beginning, isn’t it funny how the cream rises to the top in society?

Well it’s no accident, really.

The cream rises to the top because of consistent practices and intelligent choices.

And one of those choices is having a coach.

As my good friend Dr. Ron Arndt used to always tell me:

“None of us are smarter than ALL of us.”

We don’t know what we don’t know.

That’s where a coach is very handy…


Dr. David Moffet BDS FPFA CSP is a certified CX Experience coach. David works with his wife Jayne Bandy to help SME businesses improve their Customer Service Systems to create memorable World Class experiences for their valued clients and customers. Click here to find out how David and Jayne can help your business