To successfully run your business, you need to set the expectation of how your customers are to be treated.

Gone are the days of just making it up as you go.

Making anything up as you go is never the best strategy. You might as well cross your fingers and hope for the best.

You have invested time, energy, money, and your heart into your business so you always need to be clear and set your expectations.

Your customers are your business. Everything revolves around your customers and in a Dental Practice your customers are your patients.

Your patients should expect they will be treated well every single time they enter your practice.

What sort of patient experience do your patients receive in your dental practice?

Do you have a system to follow?

Does your team know what you expect from them and do your patients have an expectation for you to live up to?

The answer should be yes, yes, and yes they do!

A great start when looking at your patient’s experience is to decide as a team what your NEVER and ALWAYS Customer Standards are.

Many successful businesses all over the world use the NEVER and ALWAYS Customer Standards with their teams, to enable them to consistently deliver an amazing customer experience

Let’s look at some of your NEVER and ALWAYS Standards, at that first point of patient contact, on the phone call.

NEVER ask a caller’s name at the end of the call. ALWAYS ask the caller’s name at the start of the call and say it back.

NEVER do all the talking and ask no questions. ALWAYS ask questions and listen to the caller.

NEVER interrupt the caller. ALWAYS wait and actively listen to the caller.

NEVER look for an appointment time before you know what the caller’s dental problem and concern is. ALWAYS ask questions to find the right appointment time.

NEVER say “Not a problem.” ALWAYS say “You are welcome.”

This is very worthwhile to create your own NEVER and ALWAYS Patient Standards together as a team.

Your team will be part of the creation and own their NEVER and ALWAYS Standards and ALWAYS action them!


Jayne Bandy is a certified CX Experience coach.
Jayne works with her husband Dr. David Moffet to help SME businesses improve their Customer Service Systems to create memorable World Class experiences for their valued clients and customers. Click here to find out how Jayne and David can help your business