I’ve stuffed up my back.

Well, that’s what I think I’ve done…

For five days now I have been experiencing such incredible pain in my left leg, from my hip to just past my knee.

The pain is so intense, and unrepentant that I now truly understand how Van Gogh must have felt when he took a knife to his own ear [in order to rid his body of the pain that he was experiencing].

My sleep is very broken.

Extremely broken.

And my movement?

Despite having minimal back issues, I now couldn’t run out of sight on a dark night…. And for someone who has been so active for so many years now, the inactivity that this debilitation has created is driving me stir crazy.

So, here’s what has happened.

I made an appointment to see a local doctor so as to get to the bottom of this issue quickly, and to get better.

And so yesterday I was able to see her, and as you would expect, she referred me for x-rays of the back and hip and knees so we could find out exactly what is causing the root cause of my acute pain.

Following my doctor’s appointment, I immediately phoned the imaging practice to organise an appointment as quickly as possible.

I said to them:

“I’m available to come at any time on Wednesday. I’m available all day.”

The lady said:

“We can do the ultrasound on Wednesday, but I’m just having trouble lining up a technician to do your CT scan and your X-rays… that won’t be until Thursday afternoon.”

I said:

“That will be fine.”

And so the Ultrasound was scheduled for Wednesday.

When I arrived on the Wednesday morning, and was filling out my new patient form, a male technician standing at the front reception said that he would be able to do my CT scan that morning, then and there.

Of course that suited me fine, so after the Ultrasound, Michael the radiographer then showed me through and took the necessary CT scans.

At the completion of that procedure, Michael said that he did have time to also do my X-rays too, and so within a few extra minutes, all my scans and images were completed in one very short visit.

Following the scans, I waited in reception to receive a copy of my films.

The receptionist Alana asked me if I wanted to take a copy of the ultrasound as well, as some of the scans were being put on a drive for me, while others were being emailed to my doctors.

I asked if all my scans could be emailed to both my doctors, and then Alana asked me whether I preferred express delivery [3 hours] or regular delivery [3 days]?

Well of course I asked for express delivery…. I needed to find out as quickly as possible what was causing me this severe pain…. I needed to find out so I could begin necessary treatment as soon as possible.

What I loved about this place…

I’ve written before about the “less than ordinary” service that I used to receive at an imaging practice I used to visit in Sydney.

What was so great about this imaging place today was how nothing was too much of a bother for the team members, and they made sure that I fully understood all of my options, as they provided me with an ABOVE AND BEYOND World Class Customer Experience.

As a result of their promptness and efficiencies and their attention to PROBLEM SOLVING, I was able to organise a phone consultation with my doctor on that same Wednesday to discuss the images and to IMMEDIATELY start planning my treatment and recovery processes.

Best of all…

Best of all, this imaging place made me feel important, and valued.

And that feeling is worth bottling.



Dr. David Moffet BDS FPFA CSP is a certified CX Experience coach. David works with his wife Jayne Bandy to help SME businesses improve their Customer Service Systems to create memorable World Class experiences for their valued clients and customers. Click here to find out how David and Jayne can help your business