I recently stayed at The Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney Australia. I have stayed there a number of times this year so far. There are several reasons why we choose this hotel but if I could tie the reasons into one it would be because the hotel team goes Above and Beyond normal Customer Service.

The WOW in providing excellent customer service is consistent Customer Service at every level.

The Four Seasons has the following “Consistent Wow!”

  • When you check in at the front desk, they say, “Welcome back. It is lovely to see you both again.”
  • They come around from the front desk to hand you the room key and welcome you again to the hotel.
  • Hotel staff recognise you from your last stay at the hotel.
  • Every question is answered or followed up with a very quick response.
  • The Hotel is flexible with guest requests.
  • There is fruit and a gift in the room on arrival.
  • Everyone that works at the hotel stops what they are doing and acknowledges the guests with a smile and a greeting as you walk past.
  • You are always greeted when you walk into the lounge for a coffee, like a friend who has arrived home.

I started thinking about how the consistent excellent customer service I received at the Four Seasons Hotel would translate into the Dental Office.

  • When we speak to an existing patient on the phone it should be as if we have a good friend is on the phone. A Patient is a friend to your Practice.
  • Making a connection with a New Patient on the phone should start as straight away. Make the connection on the phone and continue the connection when the patient arrives at the Practice.
  • Be agreeable on the phone and answer all questions or find out the answers to questions with every call.
  • If you need to call a patient back then you give a time frame for the call back and stick to it.

Consistent excellent customer service starts on the phone and continues when the patient arrives at the Practice and also continues when they leave after their appointment.

  • Stand up and move toward the patient to greet them when they arrive.
  • Be prepared for the patient’s arrival.
  • Smile and shake the new patient’s hand.
  • Sit down next to the patient if they feel anxious so as to help them relax.
  • Always offer refreshments to patients while they are waiting to see the Dentist or Hygienist.
  • The patient is taken to the Dental Chair and brought back to the front office after their appointment by the Dental Assistant and never left alone.
  • Stand up when the patient leaves.

Your patients will definitely notice excellent customer service, but they will notice it even more if the customer service you offer is consistently delivered at every appointment!

Consistent customer service and care will be what sets you apart from other Dental Practices and keep your patients coming back.


Jayne Bandy is a certified CX Experience coach.
Jayne works with her husband Dr. David Moffet to help SME businesses improve their Customer Service Systems to create memorable World Class experiences for their valued clients and customers. Click here to find out how Jayne and David can help your business