One of the key factors or accelerators for your business to unleash its maximum potential is for your organisation to be known for its ability to easily and simply operate with a seemingly endless array of ABOVE AND BEYOND experiences that have the ability to WOW your clients, customers and your patients and have them stop dead in their tracks and think:

“How the heck did they know to do that?

ABOVE AND BEYOND experiences are simply random acts of heroism that your team deliver that provide legendary service to your customer.

Looking out for opportunities and being able to deliver ABOVE AND BEYOND experiences when those opportunities arise is a non-negotiable ideology that your team members and your business live by that if ever an opportunity presents itself, every team member is empowered to seize that moment and deliver a WOW experience to that customer that has the customer saying to themselves:

“These guys are truly different here.” 

And that’s the point:

Are each of your employees empowered and inspired to exceed your customers’ expectations whenever an opportunity to do so arises?

Are your team members fully aware of all of those opportunities of heroism that they are able to deliver to your customers at each and every stage of the customer’s visit to your practice?

It is imperative that all team members are fully aware of all of the most common opportunities where they can really deliver heroic service to the customer.

Do you have the systems in place in your team’s education that empowers each team member to recognise all of those opportunities?

A fully empowered team working with a well structured blueprint of World-Class Methodologies will always operate in a low stress manner  with seamless, smoother flow to help the dental practice truly realise its maximum potential.

Secret Service Information

One of the methodologies we teach that is truly world-class is the use of SECRET SERVICE SYSTEMS that allow our business to truly AMAZE our customers with our FIVE-STAR levels of service.

This involves a detailed process and awareness of using and  implementing hidden systems within our operations that enable our team members to consistently exceed the client’s expectations and to make every client feel welcome, comfortable, important, and understood.

Offer the Offer

Being able to OFFER THE OFFER, allows each team member the opportunity to make an offer to their patient, that is rarely taken, where the offer of the offer is just as good or if not better than the doing of the offer.

Knowing when to use the OFFER THE OFFER opportunity, and knowing not to overuse it, is also a strategic piece of the World-Class Methodologies that we empower our team with.

The controlled implementations of Secret Service Information and consistently Offering The Offer strengthens the relationships between each customer or patient, and each team member, and with our dental practice.

So with that in mind, may I ask you a question…

On a scale from one to ten, how well do you believe that your dental practice is known for its WORLD-CLASS METHODOLOGIES and for repeatedly being able to provide experiences to its customers and patients that are ABOVE AND BEYOND anything they have ever experienced anywhere else and would expect from a visit to a dental surgery?

On this scale, a score of one is where you don’t believe your practice has any form of logical systematised ABOVE AND BEYOND processes in place, and a score of ten is a position where you and your team believe that your practice does indeed operate under a watertight and complete system of WORLD-CLASS METHODOLOGIES that allows your team to always deliver a FIVE STAR EXPERIENCE to each and every patient, each and every time that they visit your dental practice?

Where do you believe that your dental practice is on that scale from one to ten?

Our signature program, The Ultimate Patient Experience, helps our clients create and deliver all of the necessary processes to consistently create FIVE STAR EXPERIENCES for each and every patient.

A dental practice with a powerful and empowered team that operates as smoothly and with less stress because of its complete systems of  WORLD-CLASS METHODOLOGIES will definitely unleash its maximum potential.

Creating that detailed list of Above and Beyond Opportunities in your practice is the third accelerator we apply to the lever that develops your dental office’s complete system of World-Class Methodologies into that well-oiled machine, helping your dental business on its way  to unleashing its maximum potential.


Dr. David Moffet BDS FPFA CSP is a certified CX Experience coach. David works with his wife Jayne Bandy to help SME businesses improve their Customer Service Systems to create memorable World Class experiences for their valued clients and customers. Click here to find out how David and Jayne can help your business