How To Build The Dental Practice Of Your Dreams (Without Killing Yourself!)
In Less Than 60 Days
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Inside this book, Dr. David Moffet shows you how he personally billed close to $2 Million dollars a year in his dental practice, while working 4 days a week, for only 37 ½ weeks each year… for 5 years in a row. Moffet’s practice was located in a middle class neighborhood, yet he managed to bill an average of $1,352.92 per hour, for his services.



How Moffet sold his dental practice for a cool $2.75 million – for which he collected 80% in cash, 20% in stock…
The right way… and the wrong way… to handle patients shopping around for discounts. Or patients who call in and ask you “How much do you charge for a filling / cleaning / check-up?”…
Unconventional ways of establishing deep and meaningful relationships with your patients, that leave patients feeling like you’re far more than just a “dentist”…
How to consistently increase your prices (10.55% per year, on average) while retaining over 90% of your patients…
The do’s and don’ts of managing your appointment book. Ideally, you want to work hard, and then have time to play hard. And being able to do this successfully, all starts with how you manage your calendar…
How to attract highly-qualified patients, and… how to make the ultimate connection with every one of them. This rapidly increases your patient conversion rates, and dramatically lowers your patient acquisition costs (the amount of money you have to invest, to acquire a new patient)…
How to finally start doing the kind of dentistry you like doing, and get rid of the work (and the patients) you can’t stand working with!…

Linda Miles

Founder, Linda Miles & Associates and Founder, Speaking Consulting Network Co Founder, Oral Cancer Cause (a 5013c)

David Moffet is not only a world class dentist, but a world class author and consultant. As David says in his book…..”It is easy to have phenomenal growth in one’s practice when the patient is your first priority”. In the chapters of his book he will give you dozens of put-to-use-tomorrow ideas to getting the results you desire in referrals from existing patients as well as revenue enhancement. He is a pro at getting the team engaged in helping their dentist create this world class environment. Dr. Moffet gives you the tools to continue building your dream practice year after year while enjoying more freedom to enjoy your outside life


Jack Daly


For decades now, I have recommended Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth Revisited” as the go-to entrepreneurial guide. After reading David Moffet’s “How To Build The Dental Practice of Your Dreams,” I now say make this same recommendation to any and all dentists. David Moffet walks his talk and has not only built a thriving and successful dental practice, but a life of wonder and enrichment as well. Anyone aspiring to build both a thriving dental practice and a rewarding life, MUST read this book. It has all the secrets to such success!


Dr Howard Farran DDS

MBA, Publisher /Founder of Dentaltown Magazine

The advice in “How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams (Without Killing Yourself!) in Less Than 60 Days” is clear, accessible and easily applicable. Plus, the book is genuinely fun to read.

Whether you’re just starting your practice or looking for that next stage of growth, this book will get you there.


Kathy Metaxas

Director, Consultant, International Speaker and Professional Motivator

David has a natural passion for patient awareness and service. This passion / talent is what every Professional needs to be able to survive in today’s highly competitive market.

As science trained human beings, for many it’s not a natural talent. This book outlines the understanding of why you need to focus on `world class service` to fast track the success of your profession.

The book will inspire you, motivate you and keep you loving the world of Dentistry and not dreading it.


Dr David Madow DDS

Baltimore, MD

David Moffet is a foremost leader in the field of dental practice building. His book How to Build the Dental Practice of Your Dreams in 60 Days Or Less, is a must-have for any dentist who wants to enjoy the lifestyle we were promised in dental school. David provides proven, hands-on practical advice to avoid what he calls drudgery dentistry. Every dentist has the power to maximize profit and run his practice on his own terms. Want to work three days week instead of five? Want to raise your fees without losing any patients? Read this book!!

About Dr David Moffet

Dr. David Moffet has practiced dentistry for over 30 years. His successes and early struggles helped him become the #1 Authority on World Class Dental Customer Service. He is the founder of The Ultimate Patient Experience™, a unique patient engagement system that dramatically enhances the value of each visit and boosts patient retention rates to levels never seen in most practices.

This system allowed David to transform his modest, two-room dental practice into a multi-million dollar success. He sold the practice several years ago for over $2.75 million and continued to work there part time,  billing an average of $1,352.92 an hour for his services, (when he wasn’t traveling all over the world). David and his wife, Jayne, have two adult children and share their time between their two homes in Sydney, Australia, and in rural Burrawang NSW.


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